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'Integration I'


-Original oil on found art by Dave Pollot
-Signed by Artist
-Includes signed Certificate of Authenticity
-Measures 31 x 43" including frame
-Background is a framed canvas print

-Shipping includes full insurance
-International Customers: VAT Taxes and other fees may be due and are the responsibility of the buyer.

Please Note:
-Adding an item to your cart is not a guarantee of item availability, as inventory is only updated once final payment is processed. Payment must be processed before item becomes unavailable to others.


About the Series:

Technological advancement builds upon itself at what seems to be an exponential rate.  If the curve truly is the shape of a hockey stick, then we humans seem to be nearing the point where the base meets the handle.  AI has absolutely exploded in the last year and while its possible use cases are endless, we're now faced with some difficult questions:  Will AI/technology help unlock our true potential to solve some of our greatest problems, or contribute one of the greatest existential threats humans have ever faced?  


Past the Turing Test is a three part series of works that uses iconic machines and popular tech to chronicle how we got to where we are and what our journey might look like in the future.  Part One sets the stage, introduces some of the themes I'll explore with the series, and also hints at some possible outcomes as we endeavor to create something that can pass the Turing Test...


Introduction I is the first painting I completed in this series, and as the title implies, it was meant to introduce the series and some of its underlying themes (AI and its relationship to the arts), playfully hint at one potential ending (for those of you who love a story that begins at the end), and finally asks us to consider an important question:  Are we currently building our own prison?


Introduction II takes a step back and looks at some of the ways that earlier Science Fiction entertainment conditioned us to think about technology and what artificial intelligence might look like in the future (now).  


Integration I looks at the ways that mainstream entertainment began to incorporate AI by looking at one early example of the way machines might serve a particular function for us humans while beginning to show some of the characteristics we possess (personalities, feelings, etc.). 


Integration II looks at the way that we humans integrate directly with our technology.  The confluence of information technology and biotechnology has led to some interesting questions about what the future might look like - Will we simply use technology?  Or, are we in the beginning stages of becoming inextricably entwined with the tech?  As the two (machine and human) more tightly integrate, will we discover that we are machines?  Or, will we find that there truly is something unique about our brand of consciousness that forever separates us from being labeled as such?

Integration I (Past the Turing Test)- Original Oil on Found Art by Dave Pollot

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