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Commissions Requests Are Currently CLOSED

How Dave Selects Which Commissions to Take On:

While Dave can't take on all commission requests, he opens his calendar to take on a handful throughout the year.  He is currently accepting commission requests through March 1st, 2024.  After that date, he'll select which commissions to take on, and anyone who submitted a request will be notified.  We'll work out the details and timeline with accepted requests beginning the week following the submission deadline.

Commission Pricing:

The price of commissioned work is based on the size and detail of the artwork.  Please note that bespoke (commissioned) work tends to be more expensive than non-commissioned work.  Estimates are as follows:

  • Prices for small to medium pieces (approximately 8x10” to 20x30” framed), prices typically range from $1,500 - $5,000.

  • For medium to large pieces (approximately 20x30” to 29x41” framed), prices typically range from $4,000 to $9,500.

  • For large pieces (approximately 4’ on one side or larger framed) prices typically range from $8,500 upward.

*Please note that these prices are only estimates and vary based on the detail of the piece.  Prices listed do not include the cost of shipping or sales tax (New York residents will pay the sales tax rate of the county they live in).  Pricing for your custom piece will be determined based on your specifications, and will be agreed upon before you’re obligated to move forward.


If you have any questions regarding commissions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Commission Request Form - CLOSED

Please note that commissions are currently closed.  We will send an e-mail out when commissions are open again.  To be notified, please join the e-mail list, which you can do here: Join the Email List

Size of Painting:

Admission fee for this course is $10


Please note that commissions are currently CLOSED and your form has not been received.  Please join the email list using this link to be notified when commissions are re-opened.  Thank you!

What Are Next Steps If My Commissions is Selected?

Step 1:

Dave will be in touch with any questions and some background piece options (if you're not providing a piece for him to paint on).  Final pricing will be determined, and we'll send a contract for you to look over and sign.  A signed contract and 50% deposit are due within 14 days.

Step 2:

Once a background piece is agreed upon, Dave will do a mockup for final confirmation before starting the painting.

Step 3:

Once the painting is complete, we'll send photos to make sure it's what you wanted.  Final payment will be due, and the painting will be shipped to you along with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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