In Progress / Available Soon

Please read the FAQ for more information on when and how paintings are released for sale, or e-mail Becca at contact@davepollot.com for more information.  Sign up for new painting releases here.

Original Paintings - Available Work

In-progress paintings are listed at the top of this page.  For currently available work, click the images below for more information or to purchase. We also offer flexible payment plans - please contact Becca at contact@davepollot.com with questions or to set up a plan.

Special NFT Release:

Dave has been exploring the world of NFTs and has minted his first NFT edition. Edition #10 of 10 is currently listed for auction.   Auction ends this Thursday, March 4th at 1 p.m. EST. 


Current Bid:

4.4324 ETH  ($6,862.59 USD)

Special Print Releases

Special edition prints, including timed releases and hand-embellished prints.

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