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NFT Release

'Uncharted Waters'

Dave Pollot x Nifty Gateway

May 21, 2021 - 7 p.m. EST

This collection will open for purchase via the Nifty Gateway website at 7 p.m. EST on May 21st.  Please feel free to e-mail us at if you have questions.


'Navigate & Explore'

1/1 NFT and Original Painting (Painting measures 21 3/4 x 17 3/4" including frame)

Type of Sale: Auction

Price: $No Reserve

'Navigate & Explore'

5 Variants

Variant 1 - Edition of 10

Variant 2 - Edition of 10

Variant 3 - Edition of 10

Variant 4 - Edition of 10

Variant 5 - Edition of 10

Type of Sale: Drawing

Price: $555


'HODL the Course'

Edition of 10

Type of Sale: Silent Auction

(Top 10 bidders will each receive an NFT in order 10 highest bids)

Price: $No Reserve


Edition of 75

Type of Sale: Drawing

Price: $350

'Uncharted Waters'

About the Collection

Collection Title:

'Uncharted Waters'

About the Collection:

Although I started drawing/painting from a very early age, I’ve always loved the tech space and ultimately chose to pursue a degree in computer science - after which, I spent fifteen years writing software for a living.  In early 2018, I left the tech space to focus on my art full time but have always dreamed of connecting the two worlds.  The NFT/crypto space has provided the framework I’m using to build that  bridge.


'Uncharted Waters' is my first release with Nifty Gateway.  The collection was created using a mix of traditional and digital mediums and is meant to capture my introduction and navigation through the crypto/NFT space as a creator while trying to reflect the collective experience of collectors and observers.  All three pieces (and the variants) are new works in a series I’ve been creating for a few years now called 'Oil and Water' wherein I’ve added graffiti tags to the sails of vintage sailing ships.  In this collection, the tags all relate to the crypto and NFT space.  


Each piece represents a chapter of sorts  - 'Embark' (drawn digitally) captures my experience refamiliarizing myself with the underlying technologies and pays homage to the early innovators upon which this new world was built.  'Navigate & Explore' (painted first with five digitally enhanced variants) focuses on the artists and collectors (both known and newly discovered to me) that truly defined the ecosystem and fundamentally shifted the contemporary art paradigm.  'HODL the Course' (drawn digitally and then painted) is a playful commentary on the general mood shift through the troubled waters of a volatile market (e.g., tags suggesting that Judas may have paperhanded Jesus for 30 pieces of silver).  It’s also meant to capture my experience trying to better understand the market as a whole.  


The collection as a whole is also meant to start a larger story which subsequent releases will continue...


Artwork Included in the Series:


Embark is the first piece completed in the collection and is also the first fully digital piece in my Oil and Water series.  It’s a visual representation of the first chapter in the story of my (and many others) introduction into the crypto/NFT space.  The graffiti on the sails pay homage to the early innovators and technologies upon which the NFT space is built.   


'Navigate & Explore':

Navigate & Explore was created using both physical and digital mediums.  The tags, which pay homage to the artists and collectors who have defined the ecosystem and shifted the contemporary art paradigm, were designed digitally and then the piece was painted using oils on canvas.  It’s meant to visually capture the second chapter in my experience with crypto/NFT as a creator while reflecting the shared experience of the outside observer.  The winner of the 1/1 NFT will also receive the original oil painting.


'Navigate & Explore' Variants:

There are five special variants of 'Navigate & Explore' created by digitally adding/altering the sails/tags.  Each Variant is unique from the others, and each is an edition of 10.


'HODL the Course':

'HODL the Course' is a playful commentary on ecosystem mood and perception using the troubled waters of the allegorical 'Storm on the Sea of Galilee'' as a metaphor for a volatile market.  It’s split between two sails, one representing a calmer more tempered attitude and the other representing a sense of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  The tags are meant to divide those on the ship and even foreshadow Judas paperhanding Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Rewards for Holders

Information has been hidden in and scattered across the sails of the pieces in this collection.  My next release with Nifty Gateway will include a new 'Map' piece that will provide direction on how to unlock that information and use it to solve the puzzle and redeem rewards for those holding work from both collections (see below for more information).



This collection is meant to be an immersive experience, so information has been hidden in and scattered across the sails of these pieces.  My next release with Nifty Gateway will include a new 'Map' piece that will provide directions for how to unlock that information and use it to redeem rewards (listed below) for those holding work from both collections.


Reward 1 - The Megalith Original Painting (will also be awarded #1/10 NFT)


Reward 2-10: 'The Megalith' - NFTs

-'The Megalith' will only ever be made as a reward.  It will not be released again.-

The Rewards:

  • Top Reward (1 award) - An original painting + #1 of 10 NFT of 'The Megalith' will be given to the first person to complete the puzzle and who holds one of the following:

    • 1/1 'Navigate & Explore'

    • Any edition of 'HODL the Course' + 1 'Map'

    • Any edition of any 'Navigate & Explore' Variant + 1 'Embark' + 1 'Map'

    • Any edition of any 'Navigate & Explore' Variant + 2 'Map'

    • A combination of 4 'Embark' + 'Map' (Must hold at least one of each - example: 2 'Embark' + 2 'Map')


  • Secondary Rewards (9 total awards) - #2-10 NFTs:

    • Awarded on a first come, first served basis

    • Given to the second through ninth persons to complete the puzzle and who hold the following:​​
      • The criteria for Top Reward if Top Reward has already been claimed

      • Any edition of 'HODL the Course'

      • Any edition of 'Navigate & Explore' Variant + 1 'Map'

      • A combination of 3 'Embark' + 'Map' (Must hold at least one of each - example: 2 'Embark' + 1 'Map')


  • Notes: 

    • 1 Wallet address can claim no more than 1 reward

    • 'The Megalith' with only be available as a reward.  It will not be released again.



We know this space is new for some of you, so we've tried to cover some of the most common questions here.  If you still have questions, please feel free to e-mail us at and we'll be happy to answer them.

Dave Pollot x Nifty Gateway - Release Specific FAQ

Please Read:

We've put together the information below, but if you're interested in this particular release, we also recommend that you read this page on Nifty's website - it has lots of helpful information on releases and how to set up an account: Click Here for Nifty Gateway FAQ.

When is the Dave Pollot x Nifty Gateway Release?

Artwork will be available starting at 7 p.m. EST on May 21st, 2021 via Nifty Gateway's website.

Do I need Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to purchase an NFT?

It depends where you're purchasing your NFT from - some sites require you to purchase with a cryptocurrency, but for Dave's upcoming release with Nifty Gateway all you'll need is a credit card - Nifty Gateway takes care of the conversion for you.


What else do I need to purchase an NFT from this release?

You'll need a Nifty Gateway account (see below) and a digital wallet - Nifty Gateway will automatically create a wallet for you, so you just need to create an account.


How do I create a Nifty Gateway account?

For Dave's release with Nifty Gateway, you will need to create a Nifty Gateway account.  While most accounts are verified in a matter of minutes, we recommend you do this ahead of time so there are no hiccups:  

General NFT FAQs

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for 'Non-fungible Token', meaning that it is unique and cannot be replaced by something else.  An example of something that is fungible would be a penny - a penny can be replaced with another penny and still retain the same value, whereas an NFT is unique and cannot be replaced (the same way that a physical original painting cannot be exactly duplicated/replaced).


An NFT is a token that is associated with a digital file such as an image or an audio/video file.  It essentially is a digital asset that lives on the blockchain (a digital ledger) and forever captures the information about who created it and a history of all of the transactions associated with it.


In the past, there has never been a mechanism by which a digital artist has been able to create a unique piece of artwork, whereas traditional artists have been able to create physical original one of one pieces.  NFTs solve this problem for digital creators by allowing them to mint a digital certificate of authenticity that is truly unique.  When you purchase an NFT, you're buying that certificate of authenticity associated with that unique artwork.


How do I display an NFT?

There are a few options here.  NFTs live in your digital wallet (which we'll discuss further below) and may also be displayed via digital screens (be it your phone, tablet, or computer) - there are also digital frames available for a more 'traditional' way of displaying the artwork.


I've heard that NFTs are bad for the environment.  Tell me more.

NFTs are built upon technology called the blockchain.  Blockchain is a digital ledger in which blocks of transactions are appended and can never be changed thereafter.  In order to process those blocks of information, a lot of computing power is needed quickly.  In order to accomplish this, the blockchain currently uses an algorithm called 'Proof of Work' that broadcasts out a difficult mathematical problem.  Groups of computers compete to solve that problem - the first to solve the problem is allowed to process the group of transactions and is awarded the transaction fee for doing so (this is what 'mining' is).  The problem with this is that there's a lot of wasted computation power (which uses energy).


The Ethereum network (which is the blockchain that NFTs use) is planning to switch to a new algorithm called 'Proof of Stake', which will eliminate the problem of competing computer power to solve the mathematical problem, which will greatly decrease the energy consumed to create an NFT. 


My personal belief at this moment is that there is enough benefit in cryptocurrencies and NFTs (both for use in the art world and their many applications elsewhere) that I think that it's better to continue to pressure the networks to solve the energy consumption problem than to abandon the technology.  When cars first came on the market we found them to be an incredible advancement for mankind, but they weren't good for the environment - we didn't abandon the technology, but we pushed to improve efficiency and standards and vehicles have evolved for the better.


What's the value of an NFT?  Couldn't I just download an image?

Sure, you could just download an image, but that would be the same as downloading an image of the Mona Lisa - there's no value.  


The value of an NFT lies in that it shows ownership of a unique digital asset.


Can I sell an NFT after I buy it?

Yes!  You own the NFT, so you can keep or sell it.  Nifty Gateway actually provides a secondary marketplace that you can sell your NFT on, should you decide to.

I still have questions!

Great!  Becca and I are happy to answer them, so just send us an e-mail at and we'll get back to you.