Dave Pollot

Dave Pollot is a New York based artist who is known for his altered thrift art paintings.  He finds abandoned artwork and adds his own touch (most often pop culture parodies).  His artwork has been displayed and found homes in galleries, businesses, and private collections around the globe.  His work has attracted attention from the media both in the U.S. and abroad, including Business Insider, Instagram, and the Daily Mail, and his corporate clients include SONY, Instagram, and Troegs Brewing among others.   When he’s not painting, he can usually be found enjoying a good beer.

‘  “Art these days — and I will be careful with my words — I think it’s become a little too serious,” he says. “So I think it’s kind of nice to sometimes take a step back and just laugh at art.”  ’ -Instagram Feature Article

"The part I play in the journey of my art usually begins at the thrift store, where I find stacks of abandoned art.  These pieces have already lived out their first chapter as art that people once connected with and chose to hang in their homes - they are the pop culture of a day gone by, but that haven’t survived the test of time.  My work seeks to make them relevant, relatable, and wanted in today’s world.  My work both juxtaposes and bridges the zeitgeist of two eras by adding today’s pop culture to that already expressed in the abandoned art I repurpose, transforming each into a new work with its own meaning.  Although each of my pieces is done in the style of the original work, the body of work as a whole is recognizable and cohesive in its use of humor and contrast.  The work is meant to allow the viewer an escape, if only for the few moments that they spend looking at some bit of pop culture mischievously inserted into something that might have hung in their grandmother’s house.