Beer & Art


It's one of my favorite days, Saturday.  Lately, Saturdays have been full of great beer and painting.  Since Becca has taken over the business side of the art (as well as being a fantastic - scratch that - perfect home-maker), I've had the opportunity to concentrate on the activities that I love.

So, here's painting number one for the weekend.  It's paired with an imperial stout from Heavy Seas.  It's perhaps the last (who knows though) in a series of cartoon vices that I've painted into thrift-life art.


photo (2).JPG

A general thanks.

I've been meaning for some time to start writing a bit more.  It's something that I really enjoy doing, but rarely get the chance to spend the time on.  Before you read on, you should be warned:  I'm like, just this side of literate, so my ramblings might make as much sense as the word "phonetics".

I love to paint.  I also really love craft beer.  I've been labeled "that artsy fartsy beer snob" by many people at my day to day "adult" job.  The keg there (yes, they treat us very well where I work) is typically filled with the stuff that I used to drink back in college when drinking was the means toward a very blacked out end.  So, I try to bring a nice beer here and there to share, and now I'm a beer snob :)

There's a point to all of this.  Maybe there's not.  I forget.

Anyway, I've always liked the mixture of these things; beer and art.  I've also been dating an avid thrifter for the better part of four years now, and one day we joked about how much fun it would be to paint funny things into some of the more cheesy pieces we stumbled across.

And here we are!  So, the above was the lengthy preamble to the real point of this (my only (so far)) blog post.  (I really love parenthesis - must be the software engineer in me)

I wanted to say thank you to all of the blogs/sites/facebookpoststweetsblargetyblarg that have written about my silly work over the past couple of weeks.  It's been amazing.  I'm a really lucky guy to be able to do this.  I think I'm even more fortunate that I get to do this in my spare time because it takes a certain pressure off the art.  That's not to say that I wouldn't love to paint full time - 'cause, let's be honest, working in my pajamas after 12pm with beer in hand, doesn't sound too terrible.

I'd also like to give a special thanks to Goodwill.  They featured my work on their corporate page, and a few people saw it :)

Check back often, because I'm going to start writing more often - and I'll include pictures of the beers I'm sipping and the paintings I'm paintin' [over].